Despite the progress made towards equality between women and men, gender inequality still exists in Switzerland, namely the income situation resulting from employment and old-age provisions.

Key figures on income differences between women and men
  2018 2019 2020 2021

Gender overall earnings gap (GOEG)


Gender pay gap (GPG)

(arithmetic mean / average)

19.0% 18.0%

Gender pension gap

30.9% 33.1% 34.6% 32.8%
... Unknown since data has not (yet) been gathered or calculated Sources: FSO – SLFS, ESS, CCO, OASI, SILC
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Women's working lives used to be, and in some cases still are, characterised by interruptions and part-time employment, primarily due to family reasons. Gender inequalities in the working environment, e.g., in terms of career opportunities as well as the differences in wages, also influence their income situation.

The available data sources allow gender income inequality to be depicted in a detailed manner. The key figures and indicators presented under this topic and in the related topics mentioned below amount to a picture of income differences between women and men.

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Measuring the Gender Overall Earnings Gap and other indicators of gender income equality - report of the Federal Council in fulfilment of postulate 19.4132 Marti Samira on 25 September 2019 | Publication | Swiss Federal Statistical Office (

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