MONET 2030: Investment to gross domestic product ratio

SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Significance of the indicator
The indicator shows the proportion of investments in relation to the gross domestic product. It refers exclusively to productive capital and describes the financial measures made to maintain or increase this capital. It does not include expenditure on intangible services such as education and health, which contribute to the quality of social and human capital. To move towards sustainable development, therefore, an increase in the share of investments in the gross domestic product is sought.

Help for interpretation
The indicator provides no information about how relevant the investments are to sustainable development.

International comparability
The indicator is used in Eurostat’s sustainable development indicators set. In an international context, the proportion of investments also reflects an economy’s level of development. A country whose economy is not yet developed must invest more.



This indicator shows the ratio of gross fixed capital formation in relation to the gross domestic product (GDP). Gross fixed capital formation and GDP are calculated by the Federal Statistical Office in the context of the national accounts system.

To calculate the indicator, gross fixed capital formation is divided by the GDP. These two values are given at previous year’s prices, linked to the reference year 2015.


10a Promotion of economic efficiency
The economic efficiency of a society must be at least maintained over time. The efficient use of natural resources and a future-oriented economic structure should be promoted.


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