Economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector

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Economic accounts for agriculture

In 2023, Swiss agriculture is expected to generate a gross value added of CHF 4.5 billion, an increase of 4.2% compared with the previous year, in particular because of larger forage harvests. In contrast, a gloomy spring followed by drought adversely affected many field crops as well as fruit and vegetables. Animal production was broadly comparable to that of 2022.

Economic accounts for forestry

How much is the timber of the Swiss forests worth? How high is the gross value added of forestry?

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The system of primary sector economic and satellite accounts comprises the key economic figures from Swiss agriculture, forestry and fishery. Times series at national and cantonal level provide information on output, income, investments and much more.

The methodology framework used for the economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector is identical to that used for the National Accounts. The system of economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector is comprised of various modules. Here we present the five most important accounts.

Primary sector value added , 2022 (at current prices, in millions CHF)
Primary sector gross value added1 4 850

Agriculture, gross value added2

4 343

Forestry, gross value added1


Fishing and fish farming, gross value added1

1 Estimate; establishment perspective
2 Estimate; small agricultural units included; establishment perspective
Source: FSO - Branch accounts of the primary sector, System of economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector

Agriculture generates the majority of primary sector value added, followed by forestry and finally by fishing and fish farming.

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