Assisted reproductive technology

The number of couples treated has fallen slightly in recent years. At the same time, the percentage of women who gave birth following treatment has continually increased. The data concern in vitro fertilisation methods (IVF), in which fertilisation occurs outside of the human body. In Switzerland, one in forty children is born as a result of medically assisted reproductive technology with in vitro methods. 

Assisted reproductive technology by in vitro fertilisation 1
  2017 2018 2019
Treatments and pregnancies



Women treated (total) 5 854 6 012 5 993
Women who started treatment in given year 2 930 2 987 2 872
Initiated treatment cycles 10 943 11 241 11 163
Women treated, whose treatment resulted in a pregnancy, in % 44.0 46.2 47.2
Pregnancy outcome      
Women treated, whose treatment resulted in a birth, in % 32.3 33.3 34.7
Multiple births,² as % of births following IVF¹ 15.9 7.8 6.1
Live births³ (number of children) 2 188 2 154 2 204
Multiple-birth children², as % of all children born following IVF¹ 27.7 14.6 11.7
Number of stillbirths following IVF¹ ⁴ 7 7 8
Stillbirths following IVF (rate per 1000 births following IVF ¹ ⁴) 3.2 3.2 3.6
1 In vitro methods of medically assisted reproduction
2 Twins and triplets
3 Live births following medically assisted reproduction in reference year (in vitro methods)
4 Stillbirths following medically assisted reproduction in reference year (in vitro methods)

Data as on 1 March 2021
Source: StatLPMA

The percentage of multiple births following in vitro treatments was 16% in 2016. In 2019 the percentage of multiple births had fallen to 6% of births following in vitro treatments. As multiple births are often associated with complications during pregnancy and birth, this is an important development for neonatal health.

A publication describing trends of assisted reprodutive technology treatments in Switzerland can be found under “Further information” in the “Publications” folder. Further tables can be found on the website in German or French.

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