A majority of the 7% underemployed persons, i.e. employed persons working part-time who would like to work more and would be able to do so within a short lapse of time, are women. This indicates that part-time work does not always provide a satisfactory solution: 4 out of 10 underemployed women would like to work full-time (2004: 3 out of 10), the other 6 out of 10 would like to increase their part-time work (2004: 7 out of 10). The reverse holds true for underemployed men: 6 out of 10 would like to work full-time and 4 would like to increase their part-time work-percentage (2004: 5 and 5). Mothers with a partner and child(ren) as well as single mothers are particularly affected by underemployment.

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