Study grants and loans

In 2018, the cantons paid a total of CHF 364 million in grants and loans to persons in education. This represents one percent of all public education expenditure. Almost the entire amount were allocated as grants (95%).
7,5% of the 610 613 people who completed post-obligatory school obtained a study grant and 0.4% a loan.

Amount paid by the cantons, 2018 (in CHF)
  All educational levels Upper secondary level Tertiary level
Grants               345 923 146               184 783 485               158 464 763
Loans                 17 667 741                   1 807 896                 15 381 757
Number of recipients, 2018
  All educational levels Upper secondary level Tertiary level
Grants                        45 938                        28 415                        17 854
Loans                          2 456                             197                          2 203

Education is a crucial factor in both the successful socio-economic development of individuals and that of Switzerland. Which is why education contributions have an important role in equal opportunities for persons in education. These are issued in a targeted way, usually according to the income level of the apprentice's or student's family.

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