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Scenarios for compulsory education – Teachers

Between 43 000 and 47 000 new primary teachers will have to be recruited by 2031

Educational institutions

In the academic year 2020/21, there were 10 300 schools in Switzerland, of which 1 400 were private. 59% of schools were located in urban communes, accounting for 63% of the population and 78% of pupils.

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Pupils and Students

Number, development, gender, nationality, level of study, field of study, training sector


Diplomas at the upper secondary education and at the tertiary education

Educational staff

Socio-demographic characteristics and professional situation

Educational institutions

Organisation by educational level, size and status, territorial and linguistic distribution

Finances of the educational system

Public education expenditure, study grants and loans, finances and costs of higher education institutions

Continuing education

Participation, duration and expenses

Level of education

Highest educational attainment level

Education system scenarios

How will the number of pupils, students, certificates and teachers evolve over the next ten years?

Educational paths and transitions

Educational paths and transitions from compulsory education to entry into the labour market

Science and Technology

Science and technology (S&T) and research and development (R&D) statistics: growth and international comparisons.


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