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Stand und Entwicklung der Bevölkerung

Current situation and change

The population of Switzerland has more than doubled since 1900: it has grown from 3.3 million to 8.5 million inhabitants today.  

At a glance

Key population and private household figures


8 603.9

   Swiss nationals

6 429.7

   Foreign nationals

2 174.2

Age groups
   0-19 years

1 715.3

   20-39 years

2 274.1

   40-64 years

3 008.4

   65-79 years

1 152.2

   80 years or older


Avarage age (in years)   


Population growth (as a %) 0.7

  One-person households

1 340.6

  Family households with children under 25 years old

1 110.6
  Average size of the private households (number of persons) 2.23
As of 2010, the permanent resident population includes all Swiss nationals having their main place of residence in Switzerland and foreign nationals who have held a residence or permanent residence permit for a minimum of 12 months (permits B,C, L, F or N or FDFA permit-holding international civil servants, diplomats and their family members).

2019: provisional annual figures
…= The figures are not available yet
Sources: FSO – STATPOP, SE

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