Diversity and coexistence

What are the issues raised by the coexistence of different groups currently living in Switzerland? Detailed figures for seven key areas provide information on questions of diversity, discrimination, racism and integration.


73% of the population frequently face diversity, i.e. people with a different nationality, religion or skin colour. At work, 58% of the population say they are in contact with people of different backgrounds. In friendships, 36% do so.

Areas Proportion with contact, 2022 CI
Work 58% 1.9
Neighbourhood 45% 1.9
Friends 36.5% 1.8
Leisure 33% 1.8
Family 23% 1.6
Total 73% 1.7

Key results

Switzerland's population is generally open to diversity. Depending on the areas analysed and the indicators, the degree of openness varies.

Experiences of discrimination among the population of Switzerland are on the increase. A quarter say they have experienced discrimination in the country in the last five years. For detailed results, see Discrimination.


For more information on the objectives of the survey, the collected variables and the data, see the survey webpage.

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