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Labour supply in Switzerland and border regions in 2022

The Swiss labour market is closely linked to neighbouring regions. For the year 2022, the publication examines labour mobility and labour market indicators for Switzerland, 11 European border regions and Liechtenstein.

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Cross-border commuters in Switzerland

Mothers in the labour market in 2021

Consequences of motherhood on the professional life of women. Description of the working situation of mothers overall and how this changes with the arrival of a child and as the child grows up. Situation of economically inactive mothers and the working conditions of those returning to work after a period of inactivity.

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SLFS 2021 in Brief

SLFS 2021 in Brief

The SLFS in Brief informs a wide audience of the main indicators of the Swiss Labour Force Survey (SLFS). The brochure provides information on the Swiss labour market with international comparisons (Labour force participation, unemployment, retirement and working life).

Labour market indicators

Labour market indicators 2023

“Labour market indicators” presents the main highlights among the vast range of employment data. Topics covered include employment, working hours, unemployment, job vacancies, dynamic aspects of the labour market, as well as salary structure and trends.

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Unemployed based on ILO definition

Unemployment rate as defined by ILO, long-term unemployed as per the ILO definition

Underemployment, potential labour force, NEET

Persons actively looking for work, shortage of work


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