By groups of occupations

Gross monthly wage by major groups of occupations 1), 2020 - Middle value (median) in Swiss francs, Private and public sectors combined
Women Men
Elementary occupations 4348 5356
Service and sales workers 4769 5364
Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers 4781 5465
Plant and machine operators and assemblers 4849 5819
Craft and related trades workers 4972 6005
Clerical support workers 6067 6138
TOTAL 6211 6963
Technicians and associate professionals 6459 7700
Professionals 8051 9360
Managers 8660 10502
1) Results based on an average of 88% of data. This rate may vary depending on the economic branch.

Groups of occupations CH-ISCO-19 Swiss Standard Classification of Occupations - major groups (1 digit)

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