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Nominal wages in the secondary sector increased by 0.7%

In the industrial sector (secondary sector), nominal wages increased by an average of 0.7%, somewhat less than in the Swiss economy as a whole (+0.9%). Wages developed very differently in the individual economic branches of this sector (-2.2% to +4.0%).The greatest nominal increases were observed in the economic branches "manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products together with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries" (+4.0%), "machinery and transport equipment" (+2.0%) and "mining and quarrying, energy and water supply and waste management" (+1.2%). At the other end of the ranking were the economic branches "manufacture of rubber and plastic products and other products from non-metallic minerals" (-2.2%) and "production of data processing equipment and electrical equipment and watches" (-0.6%), which recorded a decline in wages. The increase was moderate in "construction" (+0.4%) and nominal wages remained unchanged in "manufacture of food and tobacco products" (+0.0%).

Nominal wages in the tertiary sector increased by 1%

In the service sector, nominal wages increased slightly more than in the industrial sector, averaging +1.0%. As in the secondary sector, wages in the individual economic branches of the tertiary sector developed very differently. The largest nominal increases were recorded by the "insurance" (+2.7%) and "information technology and information services" (+2.4%) branches. In contrast, nominal wages declined in the "postal and courier activities" (–0.3%) and "arts, entertainment and recreation, other services" (–1.4%) branches.

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