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The increase in the educational level of the population has had an impact on occupations. In 2023, 26.1% of employed persons carried out an intellectual or scientific occupation, 16.5% intermediate occupations and 8.4% an occupation among “directors, executive managers and managers”. These three occupations, which account for more than half of all employed persons, increased by 5.8 percentage points compared with 2013. Conversely, staff working in direct services with individuals, shopkeepers and sellers (13.0% in 2023), administrative employees (12.4%) and industry and craft trades (9.2%) decreased over the same period.

In 2023, 8.4% of full-time employees worked as a director, 25.5% had a managerial function, 58.0% did not have a managerial function and 8.1% completed an apprenticeship. 6.2% of women who worked full-time were directors and 22.2% had a managerial function (men: 9.5% and 27.1%).

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