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In 2021, 77.2% of employed persons worked in the service sector (tertiary sector), 20.4% in the industry sector (secondary sector) and 2.4% in the agricultural sector (primary sector). During the first statistical measurements (1860), almost half (46.7%) of employed persons worked in the agricultural sector, a slightly smaller share (42.6%) in the industrial sector and 10.7% in services.

The most represented economic activities in 2021 were: “health and social work sector” (15.0% of employed persons), “industrial activities/energy production” (13.1%) and “wholesale and retail trade and repair” (11.6%). These branches accounted for two in five employed persons. Compared with 2001, the sectors “health and social work” and “professional, scientific and technical activities” increased the most with a rise of 3.7 and 2.6 percentage points. In contrast, “industrial activities/energy production” (-4.5 points) and “wholesale and retail trade and repair” (-3.9 points) recorded the greatest decrease.

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