Full-time and part-time


Persons employed with a work-time percentage of less than 90% in their main activity are considered to work part-time.


In 2016, 3.7% of all employees and 9.8% of part-time employees job-shared. Job-sharing is particularly popular among the following employees: Women, parents whose youngest child is under the age of 15, employed persons working part-time with a work-time percentage of between 20% and 69%, employees in the economic sector “Education and teaching”, as well as persons working as clerical support workers or professionals.

In the Swiss Labour Force Survey SLFS, the question on job-sharing is phrased as follows: “Some people who work part-time work in a job-share, i.e. they share a job and its responsibilities with another person. In general, there is a single job description for both employees. Do you work in a job-share?”
Part-time employees with a work-time percentage of less than 90% are taken into consideration.
The question on job-sharing is not asked every year. For this reason, the indicator is not updated on an annual basis.

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