Labour market status, persons in employment

Trend in number of employed persons

In Switzerland, 5.303 million persons were employed in the 2nd quarter 2023 (+2.9% compared with the 2nd quarter 2022; 5.155 million).

Composition of the permanent resident population

The Swiss population is made up of economically active persons and economically inactive persons. Economically active persons – which represent the labour supply – include employed persons (the self-employed, family members working in a family business, employees and apprentices) and the unemployed as per the definition of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Economically inactive persons are made up of persons in education, homemakers of both sexes and pensioners.

Over the last twenty years, the share of economically active persons in the population aged 15 and over has remained stable despite sharp demographic ageing (67.1% of economically active persons in 2022 and 67.7% in 2002). Within the economically active population, the shares of self-employed and family members working in a family business have fallen while the proportion of employees has risen. Among economically inactive persons, the share of pensioners has risen sharply at the expense of the share of homemakers.

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