Economically active persons

The indicators shown here deal with economically active persons by different criteria. Economically active persons includes employed and unemployed based on ILO definition. Economically active persons constitute the labour supply.

On this topic

Economic activity rate

Percentage of economically active persons in the reference population

Labour market status, employment status

Self-employed, family workers, employees, apprentices, unemployed based on ILO definition, economically inactive persons

Educational level

Links to education indicators

Scenarios on the economically active population

Future economically active population trend and economic activity rates for 2020-2050 period

Dynamics of the economically active population: arrivals, departures, migrations

Movements on the labour market and migration of economically active persons

Generations on the labour market

Selected labour supply indicators from a generational perspective

Economically active persons by canton, districts, cities

Labour market status and activity status by canton


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