Voluntary work

In Switzerland in 2020, 41% of the permanent resident population aged 15 years and older reported having done voluntary work (formal and / or informal) in the previous four weeks, which corresponds to around 3 million people. They provided an average of 4.1 hours of volunteering per week.

Voluntary work includes unremunerated activities for an organisation, association or public institution (formal voluntary work) and services without remuneration provided voluntarily to third-party households (informal voluntary work).

In 2020, men, people with tertiary level education, and people in German-speaking Switzerland were over-represented in formal voluntary work. The differences by age group were relatively small - except for among persons aged 75 and over, who were considerably less likely to perform formal voluntary work than 15 to 74 year-olds.

Informal voluntary work was more likely to be carried out by women, persons aged between 55 and 75, persons with a tertiary level education, and by people in German-speaking Switzerland.

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