Voluntary work

In Switzerland in 2020, 41% of the permanent resident population aged 15 years and older reported having done voluntary work (formal and / or informal) in the last four weeks, which corresponds to around 3 million people. They provided an average of 4.1 hours of volunteering per week.

Voluntary work includes unremunerated activities for an organisation, association or public institution (= formal voluntary work) and services without remuneration provided voluntarily to third-party households (= informal voluntary work).

Voluntary work in Switzerland, 2020
  Voluntary work
Formal voluntary
Informal voluntary
Participation of the permanent resident population aged 15 and older, in %
Total   41.0   15.9   32.5
Men   39.9   18.3   29.6
Women   42.1   13.6   35.4
Volunteers*: Average hours per week
Total   4.1   2.9   3.7
Men   3.8   3.1   3.2
Women   4.4   2.5   4.2
* People aged 15 and older who, in the last 4 weeks before the survey, carried out at least one formal or informal voluntary activity. Source: FSO - Swiss Labour Force Survey (SLFS): unpaid work
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