Tourism investments

The statistics on tourism investments shows that investments in construction are important in tourism municipalities. They account for around 20% of investments made in Switzerland in tourist accommodation. Since 2013, investments in new dwellings have declined in tourism municipalities following legal restrictions on second homes.

The statistics cover the following territories:

  • The tourism municipalities (according to the 2012 typology of communes, available in French, German or Italian).
  • The cantons of Graubünden, Uri and Valais

The statistics distinguish between seven work categories:
• Tourist accommodation
• Leisure, tourism and cultural facilities
• Transport installations
• Residential buildings
• Individual houses
• Commercial buildings
• Works for education and training, research and health

They are useful in order to understand the situation and the development of the tourism sector in Switzerland. While they are close to the tourism satellite account, they are nonetheless not integrated into this account given that they do not cover all of Switzerland’s territory.

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