MONET – Biodiversity

Nature’s diversity must be preserved

Biodiversity is important for many reasons: it keeps ecosystems balanced and acts as a potential source of new medicines. Diversity of plants and animals can only be maintained when there are many different types of habitats.

The populations of breeding birds at risk of extinction in Switzerland are on the decrease
  • The evolution of the 42 threatened birds species on the Red List fluctuates considerably but over the period as a whole there is a downward trend. In the long term the change in the number of Red List species demonstrates the effectiveness of the measures taken to protect threatened species.
  • The Red List shows the threatened and rare species. An important criterion for inclusion in the Red List is a fall in the population. Extinct species and species that have never been common in Switzerland are not considered here.
  • The population of regular breeding birds in Switzerland (174 assessable species among the 177 species ) is almost the same in 2017 as in 1990. The low value in 2009 is attributable to the winter of 2008-2009, which was particularly harsh. Despite another cold and snowy winter in 2009-2010, many species partly offset the drop in numbers in 2010.



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