MONET – Physical safety

Physical safety is a vital necessity

The number of victims of crimes of serious violence (including violence to life and offences to physical and sexual integrity) provides information on the level of safety of the population and their satisfaction with this vital necessity.

The number of victims of serious violent offences known to the police decreases
  • In 2017, 959 victims of serious violent offences were known to the police.
  • 56% were for rape, 38% grievous bodily harm, 5% homicides and 1% violent robbery. Since the entry into force (in July 2012) of the article condemning female genital mutilation, the police has not been informed of any FGM victims. It is however possible that there is a considerable number of non-recorded cases for this offence category.
  • In cases of serious violence, behaviour concerning reports made to the police has little effect on the number of cases recorded; in the case of death or if the victim's condition requires hospital treatment, it is very likely that the police will be informed of the committed offence.



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