MONET – Energy consumption

Renewable and non-renewable resources must be used in moderation

Energy is one of the essential resources for the functioning of our society. Therefore, the availability of energy and the durability of its supply must be ensured. However, the production and consumption of renewable and non-renewable energy also have an environmental impact due to the emission of greenhouse gases or air pollutants, the generation of non-degradable waste or the impact they have on streams or landscapes.

The per capita consumption of energy is decreasing
  • Final energy consumption per capita has decreased since 1990. However, it is still high.
  • Final energy consumption per capita amounts to around 28 000 kilowatt-hours per year, which corresponds to approximately 3300 litres of petrol.
  • In 2017 absolute final consumption reached 849 800 terajoules, which is the equivalent of around 28 million m3 of petrol or approximately 350 000 rail tankers.



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