Income compensation

The loss of earnings compensation (EO) partially compensates for the loss of earnings arising from the performance of military, civil protection or alternative civilian service. Since 2005, EO also covers loss of earnings during maternity (maternity allowance) and, from 2021, loss of earnings during paternity leave. The insurance is compulsory, and contributions are paid by all individuals who also pay contributions to the old-age and survivors' insurance/invalidity insurance.


The EO contributions are collected by the compensation funds together with those for the AHV/IV. The contributions amount to 0.5% of a person's determinant income. Contributions are paid in equal parts by employers and employees.

Statistical data

The main data on financing and EO recipients can be found at the Federal Social Insurance Office. Detailed results can be accessed in the form of detailed data.

Further information

Information on the payment formalities as well as current news can be found on the website of the cantonal compensation fund.

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