Alimony advances

Alimony advances are part of collection support which also includes receipt of alimony and temporary payments in procedures to establish parentage. Depending on cantonal legislation, advances can be requested for maintenance payments for children only or also for the (ex-)spouse.

Proportion of people receiving alimony advance by canton and in Switzerland

Data on recipients of alimony advances are collected in 25 cantons, they are available in all cantons. In 2017, 48 900 received alimony advances in Switzerland, i.e. 0.61% of the population.

Proportion of people receiving alimony advance by age group

The two largest age groups among alimony advance recipients are persons aged 13-17 and 6-12. The assistance rate is 2.4% and 2.1% respectively. This means that advances are primarily awarded to children but in certain cantons ex-spouses can also receive alimony: for this reason all age groups are found in the following chart.

Structure of households receiving alimony advances

The majority of alimony advance recipients come from single parent families with on child (57,9%) or two children (21,9%) or three children and more (4,9%). Children and young adults in one-person households represent 12,1% of all recipients. The category "others" (3,2%) is comprised of ex-spouses receiving alimony as well as single parent familiies with one or more young person aged between 19 and 25.

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