Benefit trajectories


The profiles of individuals who have received at least one SAIIUI benefit can be categorised based on the number of benefits received, the length of time the benefits were received and the trend in benefit periods. Looking at the two-year period after entering, individuals fall into one of four profile groups: single benefit, single period; single, returning benefit; stable multi-benefit (i.e. one period for each benefit, either simultaneously or consecutively); and comes-and-goes multi-benefit (i.e. at least two benefit periods for at least one of the benefits received).

State distribution plots

The state distribution plots illustrate, for each month, the proportion of individuals in each situation, i.e. receiving an SAIIUI benefit, in employment, in Switzerland or not, etc. The charts show the 24 months before and after entering and exiting, providing a visual representation of the main trends in benefit trajectories.

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