Statistics on Swiss Towns

The Swiss Association of Cities (SSV) publishes the “Statistics on Swiss Towns” every year. Since the 77th edition, these statistics have been published in joint cooperation with the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

Statistik der Schweizer Städte 2018

In addition to data on a key topic, the Yearbook continues to provide a wealth of information and facts on areas including population
growth, work and employment, finances and education from some 170 towns and urban communes in Switzerland. Politics, the economy and the public are in this way able to obtain reliable figures on urban Switzerland.

A total of 172 towns and urban communes form the basis of this year’s “Statistics on Swiss Towns” (as at: 2017). These include 162 urban towns officially introduced in December 2014 by the FSO with the new definition of cities and urban agglomerations and ten other members of the SSV that are considered to have urban character based on their traditions or development.

Structure of the publication

  • 11 topic-based chapters with graphic(s) and comprehensive tables: Each text presents a summary of key findings, analyses long-term trends and explains links between various key figures. The tables contain extensive data on the published key figures.
  • Switzerland’s 49 agglomerations: A selection of key figures are published in the areas of the population, commuter flows, employment and tourism as concerns the individual agglomerations. The selected topics are based on the FSO’s official definition of agglomerations.
  • Annex with definitions and keys

Orders and downloads

The publication can be ordered in print form from the publisher (The Swiss Association of Cities - SSV): Order form. The online data tables can be consulted free of charge, see “Further information”.

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