Statistics on Swiss Towns

2019 edition

The 80th edition of “Statistics on Swiss Towns” is being published for the fourth time already in joint cooperation with the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). It is available in printed form, in PDF format and as an interactive digital publication. The publication gives a statistical portrayal of 162 towns and of 10 other members of the Swiss Union of Cities (SSV) that have an urban character based on their traditions or development. The data are available in a catalogue and database on the Swiss statistics portal as well as on the opendata.swissplatform.


Rising number of academics in towns

An increasing number of academics are living in Swiss towns. Two out of every five people have a degree at the highest educational level (41.3%).


Couples with the same education level

Among married and unmarried couples living in towns, couples with the same level of education are the most common (56.7%).


Greens and the FDP flourishing in towns

Compared to the federal elections of 2015, the Greens and the FDP have made the largest gains in city parliaments.


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