Statistics on Swiss Cities and Towns

The Statistics on Swiss Cities and Towns contain a wealth of information on the main topics of urban life in Switzerland such as population change, work and employment, public finances or education and training. Each edition – available in a print and digital version – is dedicated to a specific topic. The data give an insight into the 162 statistical cities and eight other members of the Swiss Union of Cities regarded as urban by tradition or due to their development. These data are available in the catalogues and databases of the Swiss statistics portal and on the platform.

Population change over time – 2024 edition

Published for the 9th time together with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), the 85th edition focuses on urban population trends over the last century. The publication presents data series from 1920 onwards, exploring aspects such as age structure, religious affiliation and linguistic diversity in cities.

85 years of history: a journey through the historical statistics of Swiss cities

The forerunner of this publication, "Statistical Information", was first published by the Union of Swiss Cities in 1931. To celebrate the 85th edition, the FSO and the SSV are publishing all the historical editions available in digital format. Explore the rich statistical heritage of Swiss cities over the years for a better understanding of the past and present dynamics and challenges of urban Switzerland.

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