Graphisch-statistischer Atlas der Schweiz 1897-2017

Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897–2017

This atlas is published simultaneous with the 125th edition of Switzerland’s Statistical Yearbook. Many of the attractive illustrations from the early days of the Statistical Yearbook are faithfully reproduced in this volume.  

Graphisch-statistischer Atlas der Schweiz 1914-2014

Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1914–2014

To mark the 100th anniversary of its publication, the Federal Statistical Office has fully reproduced this impressive but rare work. In doing so, the FSO aims to make the atlas accessible to the wider general public.

Statistik der Schweizer Städte

Statistics on Swiss Cities and Towns

In addition to data on a key topic, the Statistics on Swiss Towns continue to provide a wealth of information and facts on areas including population growth, work and employment, finances and education from some 170 towns and urban communes in Switzerland.


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