Cartographic bases

Cartographic bases


  • Cartographic base maps (geometries) of statistical divisions
  • As digital basis for thematic mapping
  • Vector data for Spatial Information Systems
  • Recommended scale for maps: 1 : 500 000  -  1 : 5 000 000
  • Perimeter: Switzerland (without the Principality of Liechtenstein)
  • Update: annually in early spring
  • File Format: ESRI Shape

ThemaKart, the FSO cartographic centre, offers numerous map bases (geometries) for most official geographic divisions, which are used in maps and atlases of the Federal Statistical Office. An annually updated set of these geometries is freely available. The Cartographic bases set contains the latest years and the state for the Population Censuses of 2000 and 2010 for the major geographic divisions, plus additional years for communes and districts, polygons for districts within the 17 largest Swiss cities. Total areas are shown in polygons which come in two versions: total area surfaces (gf, Gesamtfläche) and vegetation surfaces (vf, Vegetationsfläche). Additionally, the topographic information is enriched by numeours layers for rivers.


The Cartographic bases set is freely available for direct download:

Previous free editions of the Cartographic bases set:

Further information, brochure

There is a detailed information brochure with more information on the contents and references behind this offer, as well as a list of nomenclatures used and the application of copyrights (brochure available only in German and French).


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