Political Atlas of Switzerland

Political Atlas of Switzerland

Interactive online atlas

The Political Atlas of Switzerland contains the results for popular votes since 1991 and federal elections since 1866. The free web application is continually updated and available at all times. Practical technical hints are available for ease of use.

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The Political Atlas of Switzerland was honoured with the Swiss Cartography Award 2013.

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The Political Atlas of Switzerland is a practical and user-friendly tool for the cartographic visualisation of election and popular vote results. The atlas contains all results of the National Council elections since 1919 and Swiss federal popular votes since 1866 in more than 3000 maps (communes, districts, cantons) and about 1500 Excel download files. It's a free web application. The atlas is being updated live and on a continuous basis as the results of federal votes and elections are released every election Sunday.

Content and overview

Votes and National Council elections

  • How strong are the parties in the individual cantons?
  • Where was the Social Democratic Party (SP/PS) strongest/weakest?
  • Where is the divide between the French and German speaking regions, the "Röstigraben"?
  • How many people voted?

Our general Atlas Homepage contains a detailed List of Contents. From there you can also access individual thematic maps directly.

The maps can be searched chronologically by decade and date. The proposals submitted to the vote of the People can also be searched in a 12-topic menu (with numerous sub-topics). The voter participation during each popular vote weekend can also be retrieved. The maps of the National Council elections show the electoral strength of the political parties and the number of votes obtained by the most important parties and party groups. Voter participation is also visualised cartographically.

You can find information about the voting statistics on the Swiss Statistics website.


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