Participation in an association or a group


The definition of this indicator on participation in an association or group includes voluntary activities (also if the person does not belong to a group or organisation) as well as religious activities and involvement in associations, societies, clubs, other groups and political parties.

The indicator on active participation is calculated on the basis of people who answered yes to the following question: “Have you taken part in the activities of an association, society, club, political party or other group over the past 12 months? “.

Voluntary activities: voluntary activities should be included even if the respondent does not belong to a group or organisation: e.g. cooking or shopping for people who need help, cleaning up beaches, etc.
Religious activities: include participation in religious holidays or ceremonies and voluntary work for religious groups.
Activities in associations, societies, clubs or other groups: holding a stand, distributing leaflets or participating in leisure activities, etc. These can be groups concerned with the environment, civil rights, neighbourhood issues, sport, hobbies, and leisure activities, etc.
Political party activities: demonstrations, petitions and letters to the media, etc.

Passive participation is calculated based on people who answered yes to this question: "Are you nevertheless a supportive or passive member of associations, societies, clubs, political parties or other groups? ». This question was asked to all those who responded that they were not an active member of an association


Following changes to the survey framework and improvements in the weighting model, results from 2014 on can no longer be directly compared with those from previous years (series break).

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Some 68 indicators describe the current situation and changes in the integration of the population with a migration background and/or of foreign nationals in Switzerland in eleven areas of life in our society.

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34 key indicators provide an overview of the progress made on the journey towards integration and the state of integration of the population with a migration background. If this information is lacking, the population is shown by nationality, and where this variable is available, the country of birth.


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