Active participation in an association or group

This indicator provides information on the participation of the population in an association or group and thus provides an insight into the level of interaction between different population groups in associations and organisations.

From an integration perspective, an increase in the percentage of people participating in an association or group indicates an improved situation.


Participation in an association or group: includes volunteering activities (including if the person is not part of a group or organisation), as well as religious or community activities, societies, clubs or other groups, and the activities of political parties.


This indicator shows the percentage of people who answered 'yes' to the following question:

“Have you taken part in the activities of an association, society, club, political party or other group over the past 12 months? "

  • Volunteering activities: includes volunteering activities even if the respondent is not part of a group or organisation, e.g. cooking or running errands for people who need help, cleaning beaches, etc.
  • Religious activities: includes participation in religious festivals and voluntary work for religious groups.
  • Community activities, societies, clubs, other groups, e.g. manning a stand, handing out leaflets, taking part in leisure activities. The groups may be concerned with environmental issues, civil rights, neighbourhood issues, sports, hobbies or leisure.
  • Activities of political parties, e.g. demonstrations, petitions, letters to the media, etc.

Following changes to the survey framework and improvements in the weighting model, results from 2014 onwards can no longer be directly compared with those from previous years (series break). See the document below for further details.


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