Extra-family childcare


Institutional childcare includes private or public collective childcare structures (crèches or day-care centres, extracurricular care and schools with lunchtime programmes) as well as childminders belonging to an association or a family day-care network. Non-institutional care is extra-family care by private individuals, i.e. who do not belong to an organisation. These may include relatives, for example grandparents, other relatives, acquaintances and neighbours, as well as nannies, au pairs, babysitters or independent childminders.

Share of family households with child(ren) aged under 13 that took up extra-family childcare during a normal week among all family households with child(ren) aged under 13.

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Some 68 indicators describe the current situation and changes in the integration of the population with a migration background and/or of foreign nationals in Switzerland in eleven areas of life in our society.

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34 key indicators provide an overview of the progress made on the journey towards integration and the state of integration of the population with a migration background. If this information is lacking, the population is shown by nationality, and where this variable is available, the country of birth.


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