Population by place of birth

The place of birth allows to distinguish between migrants, i.e. the first generation, and the subsequent - Swiss-born - generations. This variable and the duration of stay in Switzerland are also important for measuring the rootedness of permanent foreign residents.

Almost a third of the permanent resident population is born abroad. Nearly a quarter of all foreign-born residents have been living in Switzerland for at least 20 years. A similarly high proportion has immigrated in the past 4 years.

Permanent resident population by place of birth, length of residence in Switzerland and nationality, at the end of 2020, in thousand
Place of birth Lenght of residence Total Swiss Foreigners
Total   8 670.3 6 459.5 2 210.8
Born in Switzerland   6 039.9 5 612.4 427.5
Born abroad Total 1) 2 630.4 847.1 1 783.3
  0-4 years 543.4 33.8 509.6
5-9 years 462.0 37.8 424.2
10-14 years 318.9 61.2 257.7
15-19 years 220.8 76.1 144.7
20+ years 644.3 213.6 430.7
1) "no indication" of the length of residence included Source: FSO – STATPOP

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