Population by place of birth

The place of birth allows to distinguish between migrants, i.e. the first generation, and the subsequent - Swiss-born - generations. This variable and the duration of stay in Switzerland are also important for measuring the rootedness of permanent foreign residents.

Almost a third of the permanent resident population is born abroad. Nearly a quarter of all foreign-born residents have been living in Switzerland for at least 20 years. A similarly high proportion has immigrated in the past 4 years.

Permanent resident population by place of birth, length of residence in Switzerland and nationality, at the end of 2022, in thousand
Place of birth Length of residence Total Swiss Foreigners

8 815.4

6 519.4

2 296.0
Born in Switzerland  

6 081.5

5 644.7


Born abroad Total 1)

2 733.9


1 859.3

  0-4 years 568.9 33.7 535.3
5-9 years 456.9 36.5 420.3
10-14 years 350.0 66.3 283.7
15-19 years 241.0 81.4 159.6
20 years or older 698.3 250.5 447.8
1) "no indication" of the length of residence included Source: FSO – STATPOP

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