Registered partnerships, dissolved partnerships

According to the Same-Sex Partnership Act (SSPA), which came into force on 1 January 2007, a registered partnership is an institution recognised under Swiss private law. It is open only to same-sex couples, who once registered, are given a new civil status. It has similar status to marriage, except regarding certain aspects (name, citizenship and assisted reproductive technology). A registered partnership is concluded at a registry office, allowing couples recognition of their relationship in the eyes of the law.

Until 30 June 2022, same-sex couples could formalise their union at the registry office with a registered partnership.  The entry into force of marriage for all marks the end of registered partnerships in Switzerland.

From 1 July 2022, it will no longer be possible to enter into registered partnerships in Switzerland. However, it is still possible to register a partnership abroad. If they wish, people in a registered partnership can convert their union into a marriage by making a joint declaration to the Swiss registry office of their choice.

Registered partnerships

Year Total Male couples Female couples
2018 700 425 275
2019 674 419 255
2020 651 386 265
2021 582 361 221
20221 199 134 65
1 From 1 July 2022, same-sex couples may marry or convert their registered partnership into a marriage at the civil registry office. From the same date, partnerships may no longer be registered in Switzerland. However, the conclusion of such a union is still possible abroad.

Source: FSO – Vital Statistics

A partner wishing to dissolve the registered partnership may submit a request for dissolution to a court of law. The procedure is different depending on whether the dissolution is requested by both or one of the partners. A registered partnership can also be dissolved against the will of one of the partners. If the partners have lived separately for one year, the person wishing to dissolve the partnership can file a petition for dissolution.

Dissolved partnerships

Year Total Male couples Female couples
2018 206 138 68
2019 200
2020 212 124 88
2021 211 129 82
2022  208  124  84
Source: FSO – Vital Statistics

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