First names in Switzerland

Here you can find information on the first names of the entire population. The top of the list features names that have been popular for a long time and which were used in the babyboom years (e.g. Daniel, Peter, Anna). But sociocultural values and religion also have a considerable influence on names and are reflected in these statistics (e.g. Maria).


  • The data come from the Population and Household Statistics (STATPOP).
  • As different sources are used, there may be slight differences between these results and those of the top babies' names.
  • The first names of the permanent resident population were considered as at 31.12.2020. Information on the frequency of first names at an earlier point in time (e.g. 1980) are calculated retrospectively using the year of birth. The data were therefore not collected at that time.
  • For reasons of data protection, first names that occur fewer than three times throughout Switzerland are not taken into account.
  • First names that occur less than three times for a year are replaced with an *.
  • For names consisting of several words, the given name or very first name is taken into account. For certain foreign-language first names, this can have an influence on the meaning.

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