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Of the 266 banks, 228 registered profits (CHF 19.6bn) and 38 losses (CHF 3.8bn) in 2015. Consequently, the result of the period for all banks was CHF 15.8bn. The annual result was significantly affected by high extraordinary income generated by the big banks (CHF 10.7bn).

Overall, liquid assets were up CHF 43.0bn to CHF 468.9bn. While domestic stocks increased considerably (up CHF 77.4bn to CHF 398.9bn), foreign stocks fell by a third (down CHF 34.5bn to CHF 69.9bn). The rise in domestic stocks is due to the increase in sight deposits of banks held at the SNB in connection with currency purchases made by the SNB.

Total assets and profits of banks, 2015
Bank categories No.
Total assets CHF
Total 266 3 026 126 15 817
Cantonal banks 24 537 441 2 741
Major banks 3 1 424 231 10 175
Regional and savings
62 113 078 422
“Raiffeisen” banks 1
202 412 727
Other banks 14 198 580 856
Branches of foreign
26 72 669 88
Private banking 7 6 699 48
Source: Swiss National Bank (SNB)

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