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In individual life insurance, only the branches “classic individual pension” and “domestic investment-linked life insurance” showed modest growth in 2015. All other branches reported losses. Sales of life insurances with private pension schemes (3a and 3b) have declined in all product categories since interest rates fell in 2008 by more than 250 base points and continue to remain low. Although Swiss life insurance companies are trying to counter this trend with innovative saving products, in the long term they will be unable to avoid the general tendency.

Private insurance in 2015, in CHF million
Insurance type Premiums1 Benefits1
Total 121 763 83 740
Life insurance 34 622 29 238
Insurance against accident and loss 48 157 31 170
Reinsurance 38 984 23 332
1 At home and abroad Source : Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

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