Transalpine and cross-border passenger transport (A+GQPV)

The transalpine and cross-border transport (A+GQPV) survey is used to record passenger traffic flows beyond the Swiss borders and Alps by road and rail. This takes place every 5 years. Around 100 000 persons are interviewed on a voluntary basis, with interviews taking place directly at border and Alpine crossings. Over the year, interviews are carried out over 6 to 18 days per crossing. The survey days are chosen at random.

The following information is recorded during interviews:

  • Where those travelling are coming from (origin), where they are going to (destination) and why they are travelling (journey purpose)?
  • What vehicles (type of vehicle, fuel) are used in road traffic and in which country are they registered?
  •  Which class (1st/2nd) and transport function (regional/long-distance transport) are used in rail transport?

The recorded data can be used to calculate the transport performance in Switzerland of persons with a residence abroad. The transalpine and cross-border transport survey thus complements the Mobility and transport microcensus (MTMC) and the Public transport statistics (TP).

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