Goods transport by road

The transport performance generated on Swiss roads in 2022 totalled 17.4 billion tonne-kilometres – i.e. 28% more than in 2000. By far the largest part, i.e. 95%, was accounted for by heavy goods transport by lorries and road tractors. In contrast, the contribution of light utility vehicles (especially delivery vans) accounted for only 5%. This is because light vehicles have a small payload.

The share of light utility vehicles in the vehicle-kilometres covered was higher than that of heavy goods vehicles (69% compared with 31% in 2022). Overall, goods vehicles covered 7,3 billion kilometres in Switzerland in 2022. This is slightly more than one tenth of the kilometre performance of all motorised road transport.

Goods transport by road, 2022
Transport performance 17.4 billion tonne-km
Change from 2000 +28%
Share of heavy vehicles (more than 3.5 t) 95%
Share of light vehicles (up to 3.5 t) 5%
Kilometre performance 7.3 billion vehicle-km
Change from 2000 +40%
Share of heavy vehicles (more than 3.5 t) 31%
Share of light vehicles (up to 3.5 t) 69%
Source: FSO – Goods transport statistics (GTS)

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