Goods transport by road

The transport performance generated on Swiss roads in 2018 totalled 17.7 billion tonne-kilometres – i.e. 30% more than in 2000. By far the largest part, i.e. 95%, was accounted for by heavy goods transport by lorries and road tractors. In contrast, the contribution of light utility vehicles (especially delivery vans) accounted for only 5%. This is because light vehicles have a small payload.

The share of light utility vehicles in the vehicle-kilometres covered was higher than that of heavy goods vehicles (67% compared with 33% in 2018). Overall, goods vehicles covered 6.8 billion kilometres in Switzerland in 2018. This is equal to roughly a tenth of the kilometre performance of all motorised road transport.

Goods transport by road, 2018
Transport performance 17.7 billion tonne-km
Change from 2000 +30%
Share of heavy vehicles (more than 3.5 t) 95%
Share of light vehicles (up to 3.5 t) 5%
Kilometre performance 6.8 billion vehicle-km
Change from 2000 +29%
Share of heavy vehicles (more than 3.5 t) 33%
Share of light vehicles (up to 3.5 t) 67%
Source: FSO – Goods transport statistics (GTS)

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