Goods transport performance

In 2017, the goods transport performance by road and rail amounted to 27.3 billion tonne-kilometres. This is 1,8% less than in 2016.

If the entire period from 1980 to 2017 is considered, transport performance increased by 87%. Goods transport by road (+151%) increased more than by rail (+30%). The modal split therefore developed markedly in favour of road transport: The rail share of goods transport fell from 53% in 1980 to 37% in 2017.

In import and export traffic, Rhine shipping, oil pipelines and airfreight are also significant components besides road and rail transport.

Goods transport performance
Total goods transport by road and rail
Transport performance 27.3 billion tonne-km1 2017
    Change +87% 1980–2017
    Rail share 37% 2017
Goods transport by road
Transport performance 17.2 billion tonne-km 2017
    Change +151% 1980–2017
Goods transport by rail
Transport performance 10.2 billion tonne-km1 2018
    Change +32% 1980–2018
Other transport modes
Aviation: quantity of goods carried2 0.5 million tonnes 2018
Shipping on the Rhine: quantity of goods carried3
5.8 million tonnes
Oil pipelines: quantity imported
3.9 million tonnes
1) In combined transport calculated without the tare weight of the loaded road vehicles, containers and swap bodies (i.e. for rail: net tonne-kilometres)
2) Freight and post in incoming and outgoing scheduled and charter traffic
3) Incoming and outgoing transport
Sources: FSO – Goods transport statistics (GTS), Public transport statistics (TP); FSO, FOCA – Aviation, scheduled and charter flights (AVIA_LC); Swiss Petrol Union – Oil pipelines; Swiss Ports – Freight transport on the Rhine

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