Economic survey on turnover

The Economic Survey on Turnover (KEU) is a monthly economic statistc describing the turnover evolution of the following activities:

The Turnover Statistics in the Services Sector (DLU) is part of the Economic Survey on Turnover and covers the services sector.


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Legal basis

Die rechtlichen Grundlagen der Dienstleistungsumsatzstatistik sind im Anhang der «Verordnung über die Durchführung von statistischen Erhebungen des Bundes vom 30. Juni 1993». Dieses Dokument beschreibt:

  • Den Zweck und den Geltungsbereich der Erhebung
  • Die Erhebungsorgane
  • Die Regeln bezüglich Verwendung der Angaben, Vertraulichkeit, Vernichtung der Daten und Veröffentlichung der Ergebnisse
  • Die obligatorische Teilnahme

Protecion of Privacy

Data protection, data security and confidentiality

Information transmitted to the Federal Statistical Office is treated confidentially. Data entered using the internet application are encrypted and transmitted securely, excluding any third-party access.

Access to your company's questionnaire via the internet is protected with an invariable user ID and a password that changes every survey period. These are sent to you by post or email, preventing inquisitive or malicious people from accessing your company's data.

In contrast, communication via email cannot be secured and encrypted in the same way and is only as secure as your other email communication via internet.

From a data protection point of view, data for the economic survey on turnover are rated 3 on a scale of 1 (low protection need) to 3 (high protection need).


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