The job statistics describes the quarterly evolution of the number of jobs per economic division, major region, employment rate and gender as well as full-time job equivalent.

Full-time job equivalent per sector and gender
In '000      
  4th Qtr 2016 4th Qtr 2017  Variation in %
Total 4'920.8 4'962.3 +0.8
Women 2'278.9 2'299.0 +0.9
Men 2'641.9 2'663.3 +0.8
Secondary sector 1'069.8 1'077.6 +0.7
Women 255.2 258.0 +1.1
Men 814.6 819.6 +0.6
Tertiary sector 3'851.0 3'884.7 +0.9
Women 2'023.7 2'041.0 +0.9
Men 1'827.3 1'843.8 +0.9
Job Statistics (JOBSTAT), FSO

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Results can be broken down to major region level on the basis of the Job Statistics (BESTA).

Cantons of Geneva, Neuch√Ętel, Saint Gallen, Vaud and the city of Zurich have financed an additional sample. This allows them to obtain quarterly results at cantonal and communal level. The data can be obtained directly from the cantonal services in question.


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