Employment prospects

The job statistics describes the quarterly evolution of the employment prospects per economic division and major region.

Employment outlook index, in points
  3rd Qtr 2020 3rd Qtr 2021 Variation in % 
Total 1.01 1.05 3.8
Secondary sector 1.00 1.07 6.8
Tertiary sector 1.01 1.04 2.9
Job Statistics (JOBSTAT), FSO

Reading aid for employment outlook indicator: A value greater than 1.00 indicates that the majority of companies (weighted by number of employees) announced to BESTA the intention to maintain or increase their current staffing levels for the next quarter. For this reason, the total number of employees is expected to increase in the following quarter. A value below 1.00 indicates that the total number of employees is expected to decrease in the following quarter. A value equal to 1.00 indicates that the total number of employees is expected to remain stable during the following quarter.

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Results can be broken down to major region level on the basis of the Job Statistics (BESTA).

The cantons of Geneva, Neuch√Ętel, St. Gallen, Vaud, as well as the cities of Zurich and Winterthur, have been financing additional samples for several years, which allows them to obtain quarterly results at the cantonal or municipal level. You will obtain these results directly from the authorities concerned.

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