Preparation for the federal PET diploma

In 2018/19, almost 19 200 students were enrolled in a preparatory course1. 39% of them were women and 10% were of foreign nationality. The federal PET diploma examination is aimed at initial specialisation and enhancement of knowledge following vocational education. Students who pass this are awarded a federal PET diploma, the qualification usually required for admission to the advanced federal PET examination.

Students preparing for Federal PET examinations: change since 2000/01
  2000/01 2005/06 2010/11 2015/16 2018/19
Total 9 037 11 829 16 421 18 900 19 205
  Female (%) 38.5 40.2 38.7 36.9 38.5
  Foreign (%) 9.2 7.6 8.8 10.5 10.3
Source: FSO – Statistics on pupils and students (SDL)
Data as of: February 2020

The number of students enrolled in a preparatory course for a federal PET diploma examination saw a large increase between 2000/01 and 2018/19 (+113%). The proportion of foreign students remained quite stable during the period under observation (between 8% and 11% of students). With regard to the proportion of women, it remained stable at between 37% and 42% of students.

1 Students are not completely surveyed because the preparations to federal exams are not formally regulated. They often take place in modular trainings, which are only surveyed if the single module corresponds to at least half a school-year (full time equivalent).

During the 2018/19 academic year, almost 45% of the 19 205 students preparing for a federal PET diploma examination were enrolled in courses in the fields of Management and administration (20%), Wholesale and retail sale (13%) and Accounting and taxation (12%). The distribution of students by gender varied greatly between the different fields.

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