Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life

73% of students at Swiss higher education institutions say that they undertake paid work in addition to their studies. Analysis of the volume of time spent on paid work shows that the majority (68%) of those students with a job present a work-time percentage of up to 40%. In a normal semester week, students spend an average of 35.4 hours studying.

47% of students come from a family in which at least one parent has a a higher education level diploma. On average, financial support from the family accounts for half (52%) of students’ financial resources. But the percentage of resources from paid work is significant (39%). Grants and loans correspond on average to 4% of available resources, but represent an essential contribution for the persons who receive them. 5% of financial resources come from other sources. Regarding accommodation, 41% of students live with their parents. The percentage of students with children is 5.4%. 18% of students say they have long-term health problems, but rarely say that this limits them greatly in their studies or daily life.

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