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Teaching staff

The higher the school level, the smaller the percentage of women in the teaching staff.

Employment models

An employment model in which the father is employed full-time and the mother part-time is the most frequently chosen model in family households. Only few couple households choose a model in which both partners work part-time.

At a glance

1981: The principle of equality between women and men has been enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

1988: The Federal Office for Gender Equality was established by the Federal council.

1996: The Federal Act on Gender Equality entered into force and specifically prohibits discrimination in paid employment.

The gender equality indicators give an overview of the current state of and recent developments in gender equality in Switzerland in the area of education, unpaid work, paid employment, reconciling work and family, wages and politics.

Gender equality indicators: percentage of women
Highest level of education completed1
Compulsory education 55.9
University2 47.6
University and institutes of technology 38.5
University of applied sciences 37.8
University for teacher education 59.0
Persons employed full-time (90%+) 30.3
Persons employed part-time (<90%) 74.3
Employees in managerial position or with supervisory function 35.4
Full-time employees with a net monthly wage ≤ 4000 CHF (total W+M: 8.6%) 55.5
Full-time employees with a net monthly wage > 8000 CHF (total W+M: 22.5%) 17.9
Representation in politics
Federal Council (2019: 3 women, 4 men) 42.9
National Council (18.10.2015) 32.0
Council of States (22.11.2015) 15.2
Cantonal Governments (07.10.2018) 24.0
Cantonal Parliaments (07.10.2018) 27.9
1 Permanent resident population aged 25 to 64, 2017
2 Universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education
3 Professors, other lecturers, assistants and research staff, 2017
4 Persons aged 15+, 2017
5 Total economy, 2016

Latest update of the data: 04.01.2019
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Legislature indicators: Guiding principle 7 - Equality

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