Inequality of income distribution

How is income distributed in Switzerland? Is the income gap widening? How does Switzerland fare in international comparison? And to what extent can any inequalities be compensated by government transfers? These statistics offer answers to these questions and data are drawn upon from two different surveys:

  • The Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) has been conducted since 2007 and is the only survey suitable for comparisons with other European countries (cf. menu Income distribution on the left-hand side).
  • The Household Budget Survey (HBS) has been conducted in its present form since 1998. It forms the basis for analyses on income inequality before and after government transfers (cf. menu Redistribution of income through government transfers on the left-hand side).

Additional studies on income distribution

To complete the annually updated indicators, the FSO also conducts more in-depth studies on the subject of income distribution and inequality, taking a closer look at certain topics or population groups. These publications can be downloaded free of charge at «Further information/publications» or on our French or German pages.

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