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Structural business statistics 2018 Rise of 380 000 jobs in tertiary sector between 2011 and 2018

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Number of businesses and jobs fell in 2020 for the first time since 2011

28.08.2020 - In 2018, almost 70 000 additional jobs were counted in Switzerland, bringing the total to more than 5.2 million. As in the previous years, the tertiary sector, which accounted for some 4 million jobs in 2018, contributed greatly to this increase with a +1.5% rise in employment. The level of employment also rose in the secondary sector (+1.2%) while continuing to disintegrate in the primary sector (–0.8%). These are the latest results of the Federal Statistical Office’s (FSO) structural business statistics (STATENT).

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Rise of 380 000 jobs in tertiary sector between 2011 and 2018
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