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2011 National Council elections: analysis and documentation Shift in the party landscape since 1971

Neuchâtel, 02.12.2011 (FSO) - The party system of the past decades underwent a change in the 2011 National Council Elections. The weakening of the traditional centre-right parties, the RDP/The Liberals and the CVP/PDC has continued, but for the first time in years it was not the SVP/UDC which benefitted from these losses but the new GLP/PVL and BDP/PBD parties. These and further results can be found in the Federal Statistical Office's (FSO) new study, which together with detailed documentation on CD-ROM of the National Council Election results from 1971 to 2011 will be published for the constituent sitting of the newly elected parliament.


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Shift in the party landscape since 1971
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