ILO Unemployed (ILO = International Labour Organization)


The term "ILO unemployed" refers to people aged 15–74 who:

  • were not employed during the reference week and
  • were actively looking for work during the previous four weeks and
  • were available for work.

This definition complies with the recommendations of the International Labour Organization and the OECD as well as with the EUROSTAT definition.

(see also related concepts: "registered unemployed persons" and "registered job seekers")

Statistical sources

Labour Market Accounts (LMA): ILO unemployed in the permanent resident population and the registered unemployed with a non-permanent residence permit

Unemployment Statistics as defined by ILO, Swiss Labour Force Survey (SLFS): ILO unemployed in the permanent resident population

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Published on 22.08.2018
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Survey, statistics Labour Market Accounts
Unemployment Statistics (ILO-based)
Swiss Labour Force Survey